The Introduction of GPW-1000V-1A

By | October 29, 2015

Introducing a new special model based on the GPS hybrid radiocontrolled, solar-powered G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER Series GPW-1000 model that keeps timekeeping accurate by receipt of both location based GPS signals and one of six time calibration signals around the globe. The bezel of this model is specially processed to give it an aged look.
This new model is designed and engineered with search and rescu teams, special rescue pilots and others who need to work under harsh conditions in mind. A hybrid radio-controlled solar-powered system ensures accurate timekeeping, while a forged bezel is fi nished with a distinctive aged look that makes it appear as if the watch has spent yearsoperating under harsh conditions. This is accomplished by applying an ion plate fi nish and then removing part of the black ion plating to create a realistic aged effect.

• Aged IP stainless steel bezel
• GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered: The watch is able to receive any one of six different time calibration signals around the globe, as well as GPS time and position information to ensure accurate timekeeping no matter where you happen to be. A Tough Solar system helps to keep the battery charged for uninterrupted operation.
• TRIPLE G RESIST withstands impact, centrifugal force, and vibration.
• Smart Access
• Dual Dial World Time (Simultaneous indication of current times in two different locations.)
• Auto hand position correction
• Super Illuminator, high-brightness LED light
• Carbon-fi ber insert band

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