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Corum – New Bubble designed by artist Elisabetta Fantone

In keeping with Fantone’s singular style, her work references and reimagines a face that is recognizable to all, the Mona Lisa. “In my latest work I was stimulated by some of the world’s greatest artists of yesterday and today,” Fantone writes. The artist’s inspiration aligns well with Corum Watches Website Bubble’s modern twist of vintage… Read More »

Corum – What’s up at Corum (and Eterna)

Davide Traxler was in fine form at Corum’s Baselworld press conference this year, which is understandable given that he had been awarded the title of interim CEO of Eterna watches on the eve of the exhibition’s opening day. Snappy soundbites abounded in the style of Donald Trump, whose trademark red baseball cap Mr Traxler had… Read More »

Corum – Bubble Clown by Matt Barnes

If watchmaking’s putting you to sleep, If conventions bore you stiff, If time-honoured traditions make you yawn, Corum has just the thing for you…  An old friend of Corum, Matt Barnes is an American artist who isn’t exactly known for upholding aesthetic conventions. That’s just as well, because neither is Corum. Together, they’ve devised the… Read More »

Corum – Lady Golden Bridge Round 39 mm

Since its daring launch in 1980, in the midst of the quartz crisis, the highly innovative Golden Bridge ‘baguette-shaped’ in-line movement has never been short on surprises. This inimitable calibre with its vertical linear architecture has found its place among the many models that have been part of Corum’s finest hours, as its CEO points… Read More »