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49 prestige watchmakers donate unique pieces to Muscular Dystrophy charity auction

Another significant goal for us was to avoid the overlapping dials located in a lot of contemporary Zeniths. These are often criticized by collectors, even fellow Zenith fans, although I’ve never personally found it to be bothering. The overlapping sub-dials matched the simple avant-garde nature of the tri-color El Primero very well, being nearly flippant… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: Zenith bets on ex-Vacheron Constantin man to spark revival

One reason that our Timeless Chronomaster Heritage has managed to get around the obesity that’s befallen many of its counterparts is because the El Primero is what’s typically known as an incorporated chronograph. Generally, there are two kinds of chronographs, integrated ones, like you see here, and modular chronographs, which are also quite common. Modular… Read More »

Zenith celebrates 50 years since Cohiba created the Habanos cigar

Though it lacks unnecessary composing or a date complication, the tachymeter remained, as well as the distinctive 3/6/9 lines on the minute sub-dial. Those were, in the end of the day, counterproductive to the task of simplification, but without them, the opinion would shed almost any connection to the A273. Pursuing simplicity isalso, in our… Read More »

Zenith reconnects with pioneering aviators in Britain and France with latest Pilot chrono

Aeronith is very light (2.7 times lighter than titanium, and 1.7 times lighter than standard aluminum) and also lasting. When it dries, Aeronith takes on a foam-like texturing, and the pores are reportedly filled in using a special polymer. I don’t know how much Aeronith will be utilised in future watch production, but I have… Read More »

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Mechanical Watches of the Year, Zenith Academy Tourbillon Georges Favre-Jacot

Only a few companies in Switzerland are able to produce silicon parts. The tools needed for this task are extremely expensive, which comprises the labour needed to run and program them. Most Zenith Watches Mumbai manufacturers that use silicon components don’t make the components themselves. Is presently a time to begin given clear levels of… Read More »