March 22, 2023

Sponsored Video Roger Dubuis Goodbyecuckoo Helloextraordinary 2

Roger Dubuis is set to reprise its refreshing Hommage collection at the upcoming Watches&Wonders in Hong Kong with a new series of “GoodbyeCuckoo, #Helloextraordinary” videos. As a Swiss watchmaker, it’s quite intriguing that Roger Dubuis boldly bids the cuckoo clock adieu especially since Switzerland is quite well known for its cuckoo clocks! Strap in as Roger Dubuis rolls out the red carpet for an audacious reinterpretation of traditional horology. Previously launched during this year’s Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie each black-and-white video, in the intriguing social media campaign, featured the destruction of a cuckoo clock. Let’s be honest, stylistic videos like these where stuff like cuckoo clocks get destroyed, are pretty darn hard to ignore.

The Watches&Wonders edition of the “GoodbyeCuckoo, #Helloextraordinary” campaign began on September 19 and will release a video daily till the start of the event on September 30, when watch aficionados will be presented with a stunning revelation. During Watches&Wonders, the Roger Dubuis booth will feature a vivid cuckoo clock display with a distinctive steampunk feel. The new series of short clips will adopt a similar approach as the SIHH series of videos. Of course, since Watches&Wonders is held in Hong Kong, this latest campaign will also amalgamate an intriguing Asian twist to the “GoodbyeCuckoo, #Helloextraordinary” initiative’s already offbeat and artistic flair.

The campaign to the new edition of “GoodbyeCuckoo, #Helloextraordinary” has without a doubt been infused with an Asian twist. Check out the video for yourself.

*This post has been sponsored by Roger Dubuis, but all thoughts are our own.