March 22, 2023

One of the nice things about being a reviewer is not only getting to check out the new models from established or luxury brands, but the newer brands that keep popping up, and being able to share with our readers. Florijn (pronounced Floor- rhine), is a new Dutch brand, and their first model is a 45mm dive replica watch with some nice specifications and a U.S. price of $365.

The name, FLORIJN, is of Dutch origin. The first guilder (in Dutch gulden, meaning ‘golden’) was called FLORIJN, after the Florentine lily from the arms of the city of Florence, where in 1252 the first major golden coinage since the Carolingian period was minted. You can see more about the company and its founder HERE.

So, what about the replica watch? Well, its a 45mm stainless steel case that comes in 3 versions. Brushed with DLC bezel (as reviewed), all brushed steel and a full DLC coated case.

Below are the full specifications:

  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Case size: 53 mm (lug-to-lug)
  • Thickness: 14,1 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel (316L)
  • Movement: Seiko NH 35 (automatic movement with date & hacking)
  • Glass: Sapphire with double AR coating on inside
  • Bezel: black bezel, 120 clicks bezel with hour (for dual time) index
  • Luminova: Hands and indexes
  • Waterproof: 300 Meter (30 ATM)
  • Crown: Screwed crown with logo
  • Strap: Rubber strap and additional leather strap
  • Lug width: 24mm
  • Guarantee: 2 year
  • Limited to 100 pieces.
  • Price $365 U.S. ( converted from Euro, at time of writing)

Please take a real time look at the Florijn model 2 in my video presentation below:

For a new brand, that I do not believe went the route of Kickstarter or another Crowdfunding campaign like many brands do these days, I feel the price is very affordable for what you are getting, and that Florijn got many things right, though I do think there is some room for improvement.

Florijn model 2

The replica watch arrives in a nice padded replica watch box, its your conventional size and shape replica watch box, but with a nice mesh rubber texture and branded with the Florijn logo (which is also seen on the dial and crown). Now the replica watch shipped to me with just the ribbed silicone strap, but afterwards, the owner sent me an email saying he sent along another package that included a red and black nato strap, black leather strap and screwdriver. These extra straps and tool will not really fit into the replica watch box I have, so I am not sure if packaging will change now that 3 straps are standard, or if they will just come packaged separately in the shipping box.

Florijn model 2

Starting a bit backwards here, as I normally discuss the strap options towards the end of the review, but since I have already mentioned them, its a good time to elaborate. I understand Florijn wanting to give the most for your money, and many people like to see many options these days come with the replica watch. I, on the other hand, am of the philosophy that less is more. At least in some cases. The rubber strap is silicone and will attract a lot of lint and dirt and while there is nothing overtly wrong with the nato or leather straps, I feel that for the price, one great quality strap , like a natural rubber, or high end leather such as horween, could have been supplied, instead of 3 less expensive straps.

Florijn model 2

Moving onto the case, as I stated in the video, while the replica watch does have similar features to many dive replica watches on the market, I can not say it is a catalog case or pinpoint if I have seen it before. The finishing is well done, with the fine brushing on the case sides and lugs, high polish and laser etched logo on the screw down crown, and a glossy DLC coating for the bezel.

Florijn model 2

The crown is nice and firm, with little to no play, and the same goes for the bezel. The replica watch case overall is built very solid. The bezel is a little odd, in the fact that instead of a normal dive bezel, it is marked with hour and minute markers and does not include a lume pip. I am not sure if this was a design choice to just try and stand out and be different or if there was a more indepth reason for it.

Florijn model 2

One of the key standouts to me, is the stadium dial, with its large and 3D markers. It gives the dial depth, and it certainly is different than your standard arabic numbers or rectangle markers. The date is located at the 6 o’clock position, and it has a large cyclops that sits on top of the sapphire crystal. (I assume the cyclops is sapphire as well, but not 100% sure.) Many know I am not the biggest proponent of the date cyclops and this is a perfect example of why. In my testing, it just seems to distort the date instead of magnifying it, and I feel it would have been better without. As always, that is just my opinion, and others may disagree.

Florijn model 2

The screw down case back is simple, with laser etching and polished and frosted finishes, and helps to attain the 300 meters water resistance. While I am not sure if you would actually want to take this replica watch diving, because of the lack of a dive bezel, I am confident that the replica watch should hold up in any of your water activities. I wore this in the shower multiple times and there were no issues.

Florijn model 2

At 14mm thick, it sits nice on the wrist. It is not overly chunky, but not slim and gives a nice wrist presence, if that is something you are looking for. The case overall has an industrial blocky type feel to it, and feels good with the silicone strap on my 7.5 inch wrist. While I prefer natural rubber strap, the silicone is very comfortable, its just that it can cause you to sweat a lot more than natural rubber.

Florijn model 2

The lume is not overwhelmingly bright, as I was hoping for, but is still easy enough to read after a few hours in darkness. With the big 3D markers I guess I was hoping for Seiko slap you in the face lume, but it is not weak either, and should suffice for nighttime visibility for many.

The movement used is the Seiko NH35 movement. While this is not a top grade movement, I have had this in many replica watches over the years and have never had a problem. For a new company that seems to have funded their first model all on their own, I think the movement is a good choice for the price of $365. I would hope to see the Miyota 9015 in future offerings, or maybe even a Swiss Auto, if they are able to do so.

The Florijn Model 2 is an interesting take on a dive replica watch, or maybe I should say divers style replica watch. Either way, it is nice to have options, and in the replica watch world that is one thing that is not lacking these days. I like the look and feel of the case, and the full DLC bezel offsets the brushed steel nicely. As stated, there are a few changes I would make, but otherwise I feel Florijn is on the right track, and look forward to their future offerings.

Thank you to Florign for providing this model for review and you can see all the versions and more about the company HERE.