April 2, 2023

When does a ‘tactical’ replica watch become ‘tacti-cool’? When you’re wearing REACTOR’s new Titan, a replica watch purposefully designed to be as tough as the people that wear them. In 2003 the company set out with an ambitious goal. Their intent was to not only create a line of sport replica watches that would break free from the sport replica watch norm, but one that would redefine wristwatch performance. Much like human DNA, REACTOR DNA performs in the same way: while the exterior of their replica watches may change, what makes them a REACTOR remains unchanged. As a training officer, I have preached to many that it’s extremely important that officers know their weaknesses, and in doing so, they can build upon those weaknesses, turning them into their greatest strengths. From day one, REACTOR has focused in on five key replica watch design points, including case, crown, lumed markers, case back and screw bars. Then REACTOR improved on those points, which ultimately designed out any conceivable weakness.

The 45mm Titan, a larger cousin to their already popular 42mm Gryphon, rises to the challenges placed upon it, excelling in impact and water resistance. After having field tested the replica watch from the vantage point of a police patrol officer, it’s easy to see why the Titan is an obvious choice for officers and public safety professionals.


  • Case Diameter: 45mm
  • Case Height: 14mm
  • Lug Size: 24mm
  • Lug to Lug: 53.75mm
  • Strap: Blend of nylon, silicone, and natural rubber
  • Movement: High-torque Swiss Movement with 10-year power cell
  • Crystal: K1 shatter resistant mineral glass
  • Water Resistance: 200m/ 660ft
  • Retail Price: $500.00

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The Titan arrived in its ‘second life’ packaging, which gives new life to the canister that ordinarily would serve as a fancy dust collector. Once the replica watch is removed, flip the can over and be amazed as it now doubles as a stylish koozie. Admittedly, I rolled my eyes at first, that was until I put it to use. Not only did it keep my drink ice cold, it allowed condensation to drip out using the REACTOR logo lid cutouts that you may have initially missed.

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Consistent with its earth tone motif, the Titan comes in three colors options, including black, black with an orange dial, and flat dark earth, which is the model I received. The dial is a matte khaki-ish color; a color that continues throughout the replica watch. Bold, crisp superluminova numerals consume the dial’s real estate, which is what one would want for easy readability. Combined with the Titan’s 11 multicolor Tritium tubes strategically placed throughout the dial, REACTOR introduces the user to its patented Never Dark® illumination, which allows for 24/7 visibility under any lighting condition.

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Outlining the dial you will find REACTOR’s internal timing bezel, which is manipulated by a large rubberized crown located in the 2 o’clock position. Unlike REACTOR’s exterior bezel, the interior bezel is bi-directional, which I found to be easily moved off-course with a nudge. In addition, the print on the interior bezel is quite small, which makes it hard to read, even for a person with 20/20 vision. While this is purely subjective, I would have liked for REACTOR to have given the dial a bit more breathing room by removing the internal bezel all together. While it adds great depth to the dial, its functionality left me wanting more.

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As briefly mentioned above, the exterior dive-like bezel is tough and sturdy, which provides the user with 120 loud clicks of uni-directional goodness. During my pre-review inspection, I found zero play in its operation. While conducting real-world scenarios, the exterior bezel remained locked into position, giving me the utmost confidence in recommending the Titan to warriors worldwide.

The Titan’s case is perhaps the most ‘tacti-cool’ component of the replica watch, as it unifies a stainless steel core with an exterior polymer shell, much like one would find in the world renowned Glock pistol. In fact, Titan designer, Michael Olmes, explained that the design of the Glock pistol played a role in how the Gryphon and the Titan were conceptualized. Polymers continue to saturate the firearm market, and for good reason. Nitromid, the polymer used in the Titan, is not just a fancy word for ‘plastic’. Nitromid is glass-reinforced polymer that has a tensile strength higher than steel, making it an obvious choice for field professionals whose lives depend on how well a product endures the demands placed upon it.

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In addition to the rubberized crown at the 2 o’clock position, you’ll find a textured screw down crown at the 4 o’clock position. These crowns, along with the Titan’s screw down case back, help the replica watch achieve its 200m depth rating, which is a rating not often seen in what many would call a ‘plastic’ replica watch. Perhaps this is just another subtle reminder that the Titan is so much more of a replica watch than meets the eye.

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When my concerns regarding the often-asked, highly-pondered, sapphire vs. mineral glass debacle surfaced, I again reached out to Michael Olmes, who explained REACTOR’s decision in great detail. For the purpose of this review, I’ll summarize: K1, while more prone to scratching than sapphire, is much more shatter resistant. When you’re half a world away, would you want your field replica watch to shatter, rendering your ‘tool’ replica watch completely unusable? Yeah, neither would I.

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The attached strap, with its 1200 lb. tensile strength, was a well thought out conception that blended the strength of a NATO strap with the moisture resistant capability of a rubber strap. I found the strap to be one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. My initial concerns that the strap would become a permanent home for dirt were easily dispelled. A quick rinse with a hose successfully knocked off all signs of a long day’s work. Its stamped tank buckle is oversized and robust, worthy of the task of securing such an outstanding replica watch to the user’s wrist. Solid screw bars replace the commonly used spring bars, giving the case/ strap transition the most solid feel of any replica watch that I’ve reviewed.

Powering the Titan, REACTOR incorporated a High-torque Swiss quartz movement with a 10-year power cell. REACTOR does use automatic movements in some of their replica watches, but for the purpose of attaining a field replica watch that would deliver worry free use, REACTOR wisely chose a quartz movement for the Titan. Who wants to worry about the movement when you’ve got a mission to complete?

As for me, I have many missions to complete, as the task of a police officer is never done. We operate in a world where crime never sleeps, and it’s important that our wrist gear be as relentless as we are.