March 28, 2023

Dozens of people have e-mailed me asking about Timex Weekender 40, with many sending me a note to describe their own love affair with the Weekender. A lot of people like the Weekender.

So I wanted to improve the quality of my review so that people looking for information on the Weekender can find a detailed review with great photos and a real sense of what the watch is about.

This go around I got some really killer photos.

New Photos of the Timex Weekender 40

I’ve invested heavily into new lighting and photography equipment so that I could take better photos of watches. When I started WYCA I had no idea how to use a camera – any camera – and I find it funny (and rewarding) that after thousands of shots I’m finally able to snap a decent photo or two.

The Weekender 40 is honestly one of my favorite watches (for a lot of reasons, read the review) and taking great photos of it is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. So, with that in mind, I ordered a brand new one a few weeks ago and got down to work. I hope you enjoy them.

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