December 9, 2022
Swatch Watches UK SUOB721

Swatch are a brilliant Swiss brand that combines modern style with traditional Swiss timekeeping. They’re an iconic brand known for their affordable colourful designs with over 600 different products available, also with a high quality standard. Here let us have a look at some of the best Swatch watches available in UK.

Many of the watches features are unisex so suitable for men or women, it’s always worth checking the size of each watch to see if it will sit right for you.

I hope you enjoy having a skim through this list today, comment below and let me know what your favourite was.

1. Swatch SUOB720 Unisex Mono Black Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUOB720

This first watch to be featured on our list of the top ‘Swatch Watches UK’ is this slim Mono Black unisex timepiece. it’s quite a simplistic watch with its black dial and white numerals and hands. There’s a handy date display as well as a 30m water resistance rating. The watch even has a Swiss quartz movement that’s accurate and reliable.


2. Swatch GB743 Men’s ‘Once Again’ Watch

Swatch Watches UK GB743

This is a nice simple easy to read watch from Swatch. This popular Swatch watch once again proves that simple is always effective. It has a monochrome style with its white dial and simple black numerals. There’s a handy day and date display as well as a little coating of lume on the hour and minute hand. As with the previous watch, this model has a 30m water resistance rating and a decent Swiss quartz movement.


3. Swatch GS124 Unisex Colour The Sky Watch

Swatch Watches UK GS124


Going from one extreme to the other we have this very vibrant unisex watch from Swatch. I love this burst of colour, perfect for summer in my opinion. If you’re someone who likes your watches to be a bit more colourful and on show, then this could be perfect for you. Like the others, this watch has a 30m water resistance rating and a good quality Swiss quartz movement.


4. Swatch SUON700 Unisex Blue Rebel Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUON700

Another intriguing watch on this list of the best Swatch watches UK is this next unisex timepiece. It features a minimalist dial design with some interesting green detailing. The watch is quite slim at 7.2mm thick which a lot of people will appreciate. The hands and coated with lume, there’s a useful day and date display, as well as a 30m water resistance rating. With its Swiss quartz movement, this watch definitely offers value for money.


5. Swatch SUOB721 Men’s Lonely Desert Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUOB721

Another popular Swatch watch is the ‘Lonely desert’. It’s a men’s watch with a simple dial design that features a day and date display. There’s no lume so that could be classed as a downside if that’s something important to you. With its comfortable brown genuine leather strap and Swiss quartz movement it’s one to consider though. I rather like the laid back feel of the watch. As with the previous models, it has a 30m water resistance rating.


6. Swatch GN718 Unisex Original Gent Sir Blue Watch

Swatch Watches UK GN718

Next up is another best selling unisex Swatch Watch. The Original Gent is made from a plastic/resin and is fitting with a nice looking textured blue rubber strap. This watch has a very easy to read dial design, you’ll notice the numerals are a high contrast making them stick out on the dial. The hour and minute hands along with the hour markers are coated in lume making them easier to read in dim lit conditions too. With a simple day and date display, a 30m water resistance rating, and a Swiss quartz movement this gives you everything most people need.


7. Swatch YIS404 Men’s Sistem Fly Automatic Watch

Swatch Watches UK YIS404

The Sistem Fly from Swatch is a much more serious timepiece than our previous designs featured. The watch has a stainless steel casing along with a comfortable genuine leather strap. It features a Swiss automatic movement, and as such is somewhat more expensive than the watches shown so far. I like the smart look of the dial, you’ll notice there’s a little bit of detailing on the out rim rather than it being completely plain. There’s lume coating the hands, along with a date display and 30m water resistance rating this is a great entry piece to automatic Swatch watches.

8. Swatch GN245 Unisex Squelette Blue Watch

Swatch Watches UK GN245

I love the interesting dial design of this popular Swatch watch. It features a skeleton dial which means you can see through to the inner workings of the watch, it looks so cool. The timepiece has a navy blue design throughout including the detailing on the dial. You can see the Swiss quartz movement through the dial working away, ideal for those who love this type of feature.


9. Swatch SUOB719 The Indexter Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUOB719


If you’re into your quirky playful designs then this next Swatch watch could be the one for you. The dial design features an array of colours and offers something a little different from the norm. There’s a simple day and date display on show as well. With a 30m water resistance rating and Swiss quartz movement this model offers some great value for money.


10. Swatch SUOB134 Unisex Skeletor Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUOB134


This is another awesome looking skeletonized dial design from Swatch. I love being able to take a look at the inner workings of a watch and this offers a great way to do that. You can see the Swiss quartz movement at the heart of watch working away. The rest of the dial is set out in a really easy to read manner with these large numerals around the rim of the watch.


 11. Swatch SUOB714 Unisex New Gent Gaet Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUOB714

This Swatch timepiece has a bit of a racing feel to it. There’s the hollowed out hands along with the red detailings on the dial, and the textured design of the rubber strap that all give it this look. The watch has a 30m water resistance rating and a Swiss quartz movement. Overall a great watch that’s nice and lightweight.


12. Swatch YVS423G Men’s Chronograph Watch

Swatch Watches UK YVS423G

If you prefer bulkier watches that include a chronograph movement then this next model is worth considering. It has a large 43mm casing diameter and 12mm thickness that sits quite nicely on the wrist. With a chronograph Swiss quartz movement, this watch offers some brilliant timekeeping.


13. Swatch SUOW701 Unisex White Rebel Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUOW701

If you really want to go for a full on minimalist Swatch watch the next two are worth checking out. The first model has a primarily all white design that again would be ideal for summer time in my opinion. The watch has a Swiss quartz movement and a 30m water resistance rating.


14. Swatch SUOB702 Unisex Black Rebel Watch

Swatch Watches UK SUOB702

The last watch on our list ot the best Swatch Watches UK is this chic minimalist primarily all black design timepiece. If you like your laid back trendy watches that are more about the style than functionality then this one might be right for you. It features a Swiss  quartz movement and a 30m water resistance rating.