December 1, 2023
Zenith Pilot Chronograph2

Aeronith is very light (2.7 times lighter than titanium, and 1.7 times lighter than standard aluminum) and also lasting. When it dries, Aeronith takes on a foam-like texturing, and the pores are reportedly filled in using a special polymer. I don’t know how much Aeronith will be utilised in future watch production, but I have a sense Hublot and its sister manufacturers will make use of the exotic material whenever they see fit — such as for these 10 specific watches. The issue is that each instance is only very time consuming to produce.Each of their 10 debut Zenith Defy Lab watches has a slightly different appearance combining silver and gold-toned hour markers and hands with distinct dial and strap colors. It feels somewhat like Zenith’s prototype collection in which they tested out exactly what the manufacturing models might look like — but frankly each looks cool (I’m partial to the green). Buying one of these 10 bits (that are all sold out) came with a few special perks. Not only do you as a customer get to be at the start event with us members of their watch media, but they also get to have a watch house together. The buyers of each of these piece unique watches also get a Zenith manufacture visit, an “exceptional talent box,” (which I will admit is pretty nice) along with rare bottles of Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes white wine.

Zenith is highlighting its connection to the birth of aviation in Britain and France with its latest Heritage Collection timepiece, the Pilot Extra Special Chronograph.

The watch, which will be seen for the first time at Baselworld, has a solid titanium case-back that has an inscription of the plane flown by legendary French pilot Louis Blériot when he crossed the Channel in 1909 with a Zenith on his wrist.

The 45mm Zenith Watches Gentleman’s Ride has a vintage feel with its bronze case giving it instant age.

Zenith Pilot Chronograph2

The khaki green oily nubuck leather strap with beige stitching and rubber lining all nod to the early aviation industry and its daredevil pilots.

The black-dialed watch is designed to be easily readable, while the oversized screwed-n crown is big enough to be would while wearing pilot gloves.

It houses Zenith’s in house manufactured El Primero 4069 automatic movement.

Zenith Pilot Chronograph4