July 19, 2024
Tonda 1950

As usual at Parmigiani, the Manufacture movement boasts hand-applied finishes. The 2,6 mm thick PF702 calibre features on its structure the “Côtes de Genève” decoration. This self-winding movement is equipped with a 48-hour power reserve.

In order to offer this new timepiece to a larger scope, steel was a natural choice, giving this model an urban and practical spirit.

Actually, for comparison’s sake we have some pictures of the standard white (non-meteorite) dial steel Tonda 1950 watches (which cost almost half as much), and also you can see how challenging it would be to see the difference if you didn’t know what you’re looking for.This conversation is watch nerdery in its apex, and I am OK with this. Why else do you buy a $10,000+ watch if you do not obsess over its details? I will, however, say this to a degree, the watch brands have forced us collectors to be this pedantic because of such a glacially slow product refresh cycle. I do however indicate that when new variants of the Tonda 1950 case come out, do they want to always be in precisely the exact same end with the same dial along with some light changes like materials? In the “vintage” days of watches, doing stuff like this was almost common practice. I believe more variety among watches today (particularly exclusive luxury watches), may lend itself well to more inspired consumers thanks to the increased degree of the variety and rarity.The reason why the snowy meteorite edition of this Tonda 1950 has real “exotic dial” potential is again because the underlying watch is so versatile in its own usefulness. It is not a sports watch or some thing your non-watch-interested peers will agree is a fantastic use of cash, but it is a fantastic all-purpose dress/formal watch. Additionally, it appears to come from a decent brand, has a sleek design, and when you turn the case over to show off the movement — you never have to be worried about buying inexpensive bum. Parmigiani proceeds to create truly beautiful movements that are also practical. This one has only the time with subsidiary seconds, and is designed to be a comparatively thin automatic movement as a result of the usage of a micro-rotor.

The 40 mm case of the Tonda 1950 Steel sets it apart from the 39 mm diameter of the gold model, the difference being visible with the naked eye. Its lugs are straight, and slightly concave, harking back to the Tonda 39 Qualité Fleurier. The Tonda 1950 in steel is available with a black or silver-coloured dial, which features an external minute track, with a similar track on the seconds counter. Thanks to this addition, the indications are easier to read, perfect for a watch intended for frequent use. Finally, the Tonda 1950 Steel features a steel folding buckle which can be set in different positions, ensuring optimum comfort for the wearer.

Tonda 1950