March 28, 2023

Matt Barnes is a photographer based in Toronto. Fascinated by all pop culture influencers, vintage and modern alike, he has notably photographed Snoop Dogg, Bradley Cooper, Nick Wooster and Lexi Belle, among others.

Matt Barnes also produces films as part of his visual media activities. Coincidentally, he filmed a video starring Elisabetta Fantone, who is also a Corum ambassador.

Since both watches and coins are usually considered “collectibles,” it creates a certain amount of sense to blend the two and entice aficionados of both hobbies. The version proved to be a huge victory for Corum, who’ve released a lot of models over the years such as the 50th Anniversary Edition we covered previously. This year, a new trio of Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches have been declared, making use of American coins in addition to a considerably rarer (for its brand) commemorative coin from Israel.Corum were founded in 1955, making them relatively young by Swiss watchmaker standards. Their early success was characterized by gold watches at the Art Nouveau style, like the Chinese Hat and Admiral versions. The first Coin view combined the new styling with an ultra-thin movement fitted inside a sliced-in-two American gold coin, creating a unique dress watch with both exclusivity and patriotic appeal.As a naturally patriotic symbol, Corum points out that several American presidents have worn Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches, including George Bush Sr, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton, in addition to artists such as Andy Warhol.Three new variants of the Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watch have been released this past year. We are going to begin by taking a look at the gold model, mention C082/03167, which features an American Liberty Head Double Eagle 20 dollar gold coin. This coin depicts a heraldic eagle with shield on the watch face and the head of the Statue of Liberty on the caseback.

Describing himself as a man with his head in the clouds but his feet on the ground, he joins Corum in a spirit of innovation that combines old and new.