March 28, 2023
Golden Bridge Stream

The comprehensive execution of the 18-karat golden Roman numeral structures and rivets that encircle the motion are extremely cool to look at it – it feels like something King Midas would approve of.The rhodium-plated, baton-shaped palms provide a wonderful contrast with the gold structures, and also to keep things simple, the movement only indicates the time with minutes and hours. There is a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective cure over the skeletonized dial along with a screw-in sapphire case-back that can help keep the watch’s water-resistance of 30 meters. The crown itself is a distinctive signature and something I can love to the sake of symmetry and balance. On account of the motion’s orientation, it is situated at 6 o’clock and includes deep grooves for easy operation.The Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle is a watch that will be catering to a very specific set of watch enthusiasts, to say the least. An art-deco, gold watch with a skeletonized dial which still feels as strong as, well, a bridge combines together a real masculine view of luxury with a refinement that’s abundantly and obviously created clear.The Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle watch comes on a brown alligator leather strap with an 18k rose gold triple-folding grip. While there are certainly a lot of alternatives in the way of timepieces in its price range, the Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle watch offers something special with its spacious dial and linear movement display. In a way, it shows the brand’s commitment to continuing the Golden Bridge tradition while exercising restraint that’s both tasteful and innovative. The Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle watch is going to probably be priced at $36,900. The first Corum Bubble watch came out in 2000, but for whatever reason, it was eventually discontinued. And now, it is one of the main collections, so much so that they made a decision to make a unique piece using the iconic Bubble layout. This really is actually the Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon watch, featuring not just a tourbillon however a menacing skull for a dial.

To create these delicate intersecting curves, Corum Yacht Watch chose to draw inspiration from a major current in contemporary architecture: streamlining. Spanning the 1930s to the 1960s, it originated in the United States at the same time as objects began to be mass-produced. The style is distinguished by its flowing, extremely dynamic curves.

The Golden Bridge Stream draws on this parallel today. After it was first presented in 1980, the Golden Bridge also dictated a new style. The watchmaking world was gripped by an aesthetic shift very similar to the spirit of streamlining: the ultimate fusion of shape and substance, where every last component becomes a determining part of the piece’s overall style. 

Golden Bridge Stream

Combining cutting-edge micromechanics and monumental architecture, its automatic baguette- shaped movement forms a symbolic bridge featuring decoration inspired by San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge. The clear sapphire crystal reveals meticulous craftsmanship: a perfect miniaturisation of the structure of the Californian suspension bridge. Two gold models – one of which showcases a red lacquered microstructure – are available as very exclusive editions of 88 pieces.

Made entirely from gold, the piece is powered by an automatic movement that is wound by two parallel linear weights. Spanning 42 mm, it presents carefully considered and balanced lines, be they straight or curved, long or broken, to create a unique architecture. The case of the Golden Bridge Stream highlights this balance by playing with the tensions between clean-cut edges, sharp horns and a curved sapphire crystal.