April 1, 2023
Swimming upstream

No one would think of comparing Corum with Cartier. They have no shared heritage, completely different histories, dissimilar ranges, and very little in common stylistically. And yet both companies share an astonishing ability to create form within form, to design cases whose geometry is fluid but mastered to perfection.

Alternating current
Considering both watches and coins are usually thought of “collectibles,” it makes a certain amount of sense to combine the two and lure aficionados of both parties. The model was a huge success for Corum, who have released a lot of models over the years including the 50th Anniversary Edition we covered before. This season, a new trio of Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches have been announced, using American coins in addition to a considerably rarer (for its newest) commemorative coin from Israel.Corum were founded in 1955, making them relatively youthful by Swiss watchmaker criteria. Their early success was characterized by golden watches at the Art Nouveau style, like the Chinese Hat and Admiral models. The first Coin view combined the brand’s styling having an abysmal movement fitted within a sliced-in-two American gold coin, creating a exceptional dress watch using both exclusivity and patriotic appeal.As a obviously patriotic emblem, Corum points out that several American presidents have worn out Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches, such as George Bush Sr, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton, in addition to artists such as Andy Warhol.Three new versions of the Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watch have been published this past year. We are going to start by having a look at the gold model, mention C082/03167, which features an American Liberty Head Double Eagle 20 dollar gold coin. This coin depicts a heraldic eagle with shield on the watch face and the mind of the Statue of Liberty on the caseback.

The new Golden Bridge plays from the same song sheet. Behind its stylistic approach is a state of mind: Corum likes nothing better than to head off in an unexpected direction. Its creative spirit is governed by audacity. So, where the Golden Bridge found initial success by disrobing to leave the naked baguette movement front and centre of the watch, Corum is now seeking to fill those empty spaces once again. The new GB Stream features an “Eiffelian” tracery of arches and curves on either side of its vertically orientated movement. “Architectural” would be a good word for it. “Sculptural” would be another.

Swimming upstream

The effect is guaranteed because, far from overwhelming the movement, it gives the movement a new field of expression in the streamlined profiles that, in the early 20th century, inspired futuristic objects and buildings whose bold curves and dynamic lines of tension continue to fascinate today. “The Golden Bridge Stream encapsulates all our signature features: boldness, balance, history and technique,” notes CEO Davide Traxler. “This piece shows the versatility of our Bridge movement. It comfortably merges a trend born almost a century ago with contemporary concerns to create a strong, peerless timepiece.”

In the eye of the hurricane

At the same time, Corum is stepping up its Bubble-related partnerships. Now, it’s the turn of young Italian DJ Matteo Ceccarini to design his own model. The new watch is unlikely to go unnoticed, but that’s the Bubble for you!
In the centre of this rather striking creation is an eye, which appears almost life-size in the 52 mm case. The watch has no hands, instead using the device of peripheral pointers. Its piercing gaze is amplified by a 3D technique and by the Bubble’s characteristic sapphire dome. This limited edition of 88 is called “Anima”, a reference to the ancient observation that eyes are the windows to the soul.

Swimming upstream

But this series is just the first of many that will trickle out over the course of 2017. Corum Trapeze Watch Price has already announced collaborations with rapper Booba (three different pieces) and photographers Juliette Jourdain (Sequin Bubble) and Matt Barnes (Magical Voodoo). There will be many more.

Swimming upstream