March 28, 2023

This strategic appointment demonstrates the support of the group towards its European brands and the confidence of both partners in pursuing longstanding development & growth of both Houses.

Mr. Tao Li, Executive Chairman of Citychamp European Board, commented: “The European board is joining forces to build optimal synergies amongst their continental companies. Our focus is long-term & strong commitments applied to each entity. In short, Mr. Tao & Board confirmed their undisputable trust in Mr Davide Traxler and in his expertise in rebuilding Eterna’s aura via hands-on management. ”
Back in 2016, we had a chance to go hands-on with all the Corum Watches Gold Coin Golden Bridge Round which was a departure from past Golden Bridge watches by employing a round event rather than the angular scenarios the collection had been known for. To get Baselworld 2017, designer Dino Modolo helps reunite the Golden Bridge into its ancestral roots together with the Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle. Since its first release in 1980, the Corum Golden Bridge has seen more than a few variations, and this model retains the collection’s trademark feature – a movement that shows the entire transfer of energy from its own spring barrel at 6 o’clock to the escapement in 12 o’clock. The grade CO113 is exactly what Corum refers to as a “in-line baguette” motion, which has all of its components stacked up in a column-like form. Such as the numerals, the bridge construction that supports the motion is made from 18k gold and adorned with a variety of engravings together with the brand name. This unique movement design allows the wearer to look at every part in motion as power is moved from one end of this case to another. The detailed execution of this 18-karat golden Roman numeral structures and rivets that encircle the movement are extremely cool to check at it – it feels as though something King Midas would approve of.The caliber CO113 is what Corum describes as an “in-line baguette” movement, which includes all its components piled up in an column-like shape. Such as the numerals, the bridge structure that supports the movement is constructed from 18k gold and adorned with an assortment of engravings together with the brand name. This unique movement design allows the wearer to look at every part in motion as power is transferred from one end of the case to another. The motion itself operates at 4Hz using a power reserve of 40 hours.

Davide Traxler, CEO of Corum, stated: “I am honoured that the Board entrusted me with this new challenge. Eterna’s unique history as well as its industrial assets and know-how are key to the brand’s future. Furthermore, there are evident synergies that we can implement in the short and mid term development. Eterna has always represented the choice of freedom starting from the Kontiki adventure. Eterna inspires our quest for freedom”.