March 22, 2023

The Chronofighter Superlight is a carbon-chronograph watch combining complex high-performance machining processes. Dedicated to adrenaline and advanced technology, the watch presents the innovative superlight technology. The total weight of the watch is lighter than 100g. The watch is enhanced by a superlight black carbon composite case, carbon trigger, bezel, dial and buckle available in many different colours.

Bold and brash are just two adjectives often used to explain Graham’s Chronofighter watches and these four new models are no different. Most vintage-inspired watches stop short at having vintage dial elements such as beige Super-LumiNova or layouts based on watches in the archives, but these are refreshing in the sense that their cases do look remarkably worn out in and utilized. Along with the riveted dials, this gives the Graham Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd. watches a very solid antique and used look that I believe is quite different from other vintage-inspired watches from some other brands and they deserve a close look. Priced at over $300,000, this planetarium-style watch (which they called a “planetarian” at the time) had a very complicated movement made for Graham from Christophe Claret and was regarded as a limited edition of only 20 pieces. {
The miniature Copernican system will display 100 consecutive years of planetary motion, with two extra graduations of 100 years producing 300 complete years of accurate demonstration. In addition to the blue-lacquered dial, Gregorian and Zodiac calendars encircle the tourbillon bridge and may be read by the placement of the turquoise ground figurine.With such a heavenly viewpoint, this is the kind of timepiece that arouses a romantic interpretation of the passing hours and minutes instead of one of pure functionality. By creating a living monument into the solar system on the wrist, the Graham watchmakers are providing a God’s eye view into the middle of something all of humankind is affected by, but will never see from the outside.Check out the other watches that debuted at WatchTime New York this year: The TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition, The Longines Navigation BigEye, The Bremont 1918 Limited Edition, and four new A. Lange &; S?hne timepieces with blue dials.Love it or despise it, the trend of this vintage-inspired watch seems to show no signs of slowing down. For sure, such watches may lack originality by definition; however at the same time, it has also given rise to a truly great new watches such as Tag Heuer’s Autavia and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Geographic. In any case, there are loads more of these watches being published, but one of the most interesting new bits is the limited edition Graham Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd.. Let us take a look at why this assortment of vintage-inspired watches is worthy of attention.