March 28, 2023

The four different Graham Chronofighter Vintage Aircraft Ltd watches are each produced in a limited edition of 250 and derive their distinctive identity from aged metal cases. 

For 2017, the Orrery is back with some aesthetic tweaks in addition to a nomenclature refinement, now being known as the “Graham Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon.” |} The Earth is represented with a 3.2mm-wide polished world of Kingman Turquoise, while the moon (0.9mm broad) and mars (1.7mm broad) are every respectively made from meteorites which have fallen to Earth and therefore are believed to have originated in the planetary bodies they represent.The biggest solar system feature on the dial is the sunlight, which can be represented in true baroque style with a hand-engraved 18k pink gold bridge over the tourbillon that if you look closely has dual phoenix heads in it. All of this is reported to be motivated by a machine produced by the manufacturer’s namesake, George Graham, very a long time ago.

This message of edgy nostalgia, DNA of the entire Chronofighter Vintage series, is underlined by riveted dials with radial gradient. One reference has a picture of the British Royal Air Force’s Halifax aircraft stamped on the case back. 

The timepiece are fitted with aged green or beige cotton canvas strap, or anthracite or blue denim strap, with titanium pin buckle.