March 28, 2023
Gurnigel Bergrennen hill race

On 9-10 September 2017, the 200 racing cars and 50 motorbikes revving up for the Gurnigel Bergrennen hill climb, Switzerland’s oldest motorsport race, put their time in the hands of Graham in a long-term partnership. The brand has been named Official Timekeeper and Presenting Sponsor of the prestigious 3,743-metre race with its 17 bends and gradients of up to 12.6%.

Graham is well qualified for its role, thanks to various cooperations ranging from the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) to the GT Asia. The company’s founder Eric Loth also has a passion for cars that extends from engineering expertise to driving in races such as the Swiss Porsche Cup and the Gurnigel Bergrennen. As a brand that likes to stand out from the crowd, Graham watch bands was particularly attracted to involvement in an iconic road race in a country where circuit races are forbidden.

On board as the official watch of the two-day programme was the Silverstone RS GMT. The new Silverstone RS GMT timepieces epitomize this performance-driven partnership. They have a black-smoked openwork dial, ceramic bezel with GMT graduation and rubber or quilted leather straps.

Gurnigel Bergrennen hill race

When the next annual WatchTime New York series wrapped up on Saturday, lots of attendees walked off with either a new watch on their wrist, or an idea for their next buy–or simply tuned into the horological high that so many enthusiasts thirst for. For a whole lot of visitors, in addition, it provided an opportunity to see timepieces that was declared but hadn’t yet been shown to the general public. One such exle is the eight-piece, limited-edition Geo. Graham watches orange Orrery Tourbillon, an unexpected high complication by a brand most notable for its devotion to high-octane sports watches. Geo-Graham Orrery Tourbillon – frontThe Graham stall was packed through the two-day fair as people crowded around to find the timepiece inspired by brand eponym George Graham’s creation of the modern orrery in 1713. In the 2017 Geo-Graham Orrery Tourbillon, a tourbillon crafted by Christophe Claret creates the beating heart of this galaxy while Moon and Mars characters–crafted with actual fragments of the celestial bodies taken out of meteorites that fell to Earth, and a Kingman-turquoise Earth–circle the tourbillon enclosed inside an 18K pink stone bridge. At the middle of the engraved star exle, a cabochon diamond marks the deceased centre for the solar rotations.