March 28, 2023
MFor old-school watch aficionados, buying a watch on the internet is a large no-no. For these, the proper way to do it would be to attend a watch store and physically weigh in on the pros and cons of purchasing a watch that is particular. But this notion has been, shifted by Christopher Ward, a luxury watch business. Founded by three friends — Christopher Ward, Mike France and Peter Ellis in 2004, Christopher Ward was the very very first online-only luxury watch retailer. Christopher Ward has grown into a brand new luxury watch business, manufacturing over 20,000 watches a year at its own Manufacture in Switzerland fifteen years after it’s introduced its watches on the web. Its sales are going, triple or the opinion company is currently projecting to double its production in the next several years.
Manufactured in Switzerland and designed in England, Christopher Ward has that quintessential flair combined with Swiss precision. And it is taking watches’ world . One fateful day in Thames in 2004, friends and business partners Mike France and Peter Ellis, who just sold their past firm — a pre-school toy company called Early Learning Centre (ELC) — were enjoying their time on a boat. They recognised the presence of e-commerce and also the power of the net, although they were watch lovers. And they found an chance to be able to dabble on something that watches are loved — by all of them. At precisely the same time, make the most of the development of the Internet. At that time, both Ellis and France felt very excited to start a business endeavour, with sold ELC. But they both wanted a business that isn’t just rewarding but also gratifying and pleasurable. And fabricating watches ticked all of the boxes that are necessary. “The initial motivation to make a watch company was only boredom,” shared Ellis in an interview with Watch Pro. “The intention from the start was to do something that was interesting to us, that has been fun, which we could make a profit with. That remains the situation now. We’re in the company of fun, gain and doing things we love,” he added.