March 22, 2023

Muller realised early that there was a need for unique and complex watches. Consequently, he chose to frequently produce complications which the world had never seen before.

Muller has been creating highly complicated handcrafted and innovative watches challenging a traditional industry that values tradition over novelty.


In 1987 and 1986, Muller introduced a tourbillon with jumping hours and a tourbillon with a second repeater. In 1989, he introduced an perpetual calendar using a minute repeater in the same manner.

Slowly but certainly, Muller started winning over even the most orthodox and purist of watch aficionados.

Certainly not one to follow trends, nor afraid to place one, Franck Muller made a decision to defy the notion of time with a new collection known as the Crazy Hours, established in 2013. The watch keeps perfect time with the support of its skipping hour mechanism that is innovative despite the numerals being in complete disease.


Other iconic complications by Franck Muller include the first tourbillon in the world. There is also the Aeternitas Mega with 36 complications and 1,483 components introduced in 2007. Another is that the Giga Tourbillon featuring the largest tourbillon ever integrated in a wrist watch.

Elton John, one of his supporters , even credits Franck Muller with producing and revolutionising men’more interesting’.