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Best square watches for a more sophisticated timepiece review

A master of design, Rado’s latest additions to the True Square line feature the self-winding C07 motion, which is observable both front and back thanks to a trendy, skeletonised dial and sapphire crystal caseback. The 38 x 44.2millimeter monobloc bracelet and case of Ref 734.6086.3.016 are in glossy black, high-tech ceramic. The blackened dial parts… Read More »

Seiko Presage Enamel Collection: 4 New Models Debut (Updated with US-Prices)

Seiko presented its Presage collection at last year’s Baselworld. Consisting entirely of watches with mechanical movements, with dial designs based on that of the Seiko Laurel from 1913 (Seiko’s first wristwatch), the first wave of Presage models included two limited-edition pieces with enamel dials. These four new references are the first non-limited Presage watches with… Read More »

12 Best Seiko Watches For Men

 Seiko is the company that put Japan on the map and has consistently proved throughout their history that well-made timepieces can, in fact, be made outside of the confines of the famed Watch Valley in Switzerland. A derivation of the original company name Seikosha. They have since continued their trend of excellence in both craftsmanship… Read More »

Seiko Flightmaster Pilot SND255P1 Review

The Seiko Flightmaster is a Popular, Feature-Rich Pilot watch The Flightmaster SND255P1 is loaded with these functionality: sporting ample lume, a 60-minute chronograph (accurate to 1/20 a second), date display, and a rotating slide-rule. Sized at 41mm, it’s perfectly suited for nearly any man. This version, as loaded as it is, is actually missing some… Read More »

Watch Review: Revisiting the Seiko SNK809

Bought on a whim, and the subject of the first watch giveaway I ever ran on WYCA, the SNK809 is a special watch. Over the last 2.5 years it’s become the single most popular review on WYCA, generating thousands of page views every month. The SNK809 was one of the first watches that I photographed… Read More »

Reviewing Seiko x Giugiaro SCED035 “Ripley”

Having a watch associated with a famous film character is a sure way to concrete its place in history. Obviously the most famous example being James Bond and his Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamasters and a plethora of others that rode the character’s coat tails to higher sales. Well, in the history of cult classics there… Read More »

Baselworld 2016: Seiko Presage Comes with Limited Edition Auto Chrono

One of the many reasons we love Seiko here at worn&wound is the breadth of their lineup. No other brand could produce both sub-$100 budget automatics and world class haute horology, all in-house, and all with equal skill. While we get to cover the brand’s lower-cost offerings all the time, it’s not quite so often… Read More »

Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 3600 vs. Zenith Espada

Two automatic watches with high-frequency movements, the Seiko Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 and Zenith Espada, square off in a battle of the fast-beat balances in a piece by Martina Richter. With photos by Zuckerfabrik Fotodesign. A fast-beat movement offers an advantage over its lower-frequency rivals: more beats per hour means greater precision. The principle is… Read More »