May 18, 2024

Human exploration of the universe, and the moon, has reached new heights. The distant moon seems possible with the constant advancement of technology. Landing on the moon was nearly impossible fifty years ago. The Omega Speedmaster made it possible. Its unique design and connection to the moon have made it a favorite watch among friends since its inception. We will be giving you a detailed look at a professional lunar watch. It offers more options for professional lunar watches thanks to its new design and color matching.

Omega released a new moon watch this year. It was made from Moonshine 18K Gold and features a sub-dial and black bezel. This watch is highly valuable and has been highly debated since its launch.

The Professional Moonwatch 42mm case is inspired by the Speedmaster’s fourth-generation Speedmaster. Moonshine 18K Gold is used for the case. The dial has a “stepped” effect that shows a sun-ray-polished effect. Sub-dials and hour markers have been blackened.

Although the dial design and layout is still the same as professional lunar watches, the dial’s overall appearance presents a retro-style and high-quality texture. The dial’s hands and time scales are coated with a luminous coating. This ensures that the watch can be read in dim environments.

The watch’s title reads “FIRST WATCH MADE ON THE MOON”, meaning it was the first to be worn to accompany man to the Moon. You can flip the case over to see the Omega 3861 Master Chronometer movement. It is also one of the most sought-after movements by Omega. It features a chronograph function, and a 50-hour power reserve.

One-piece black rubber strap is featured on the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. It is interesting to note that the inside of this watch strap is decorated in a three-dimensional moon surface design. This is a tribute to the Speedmaster’s glorious history. The Omega logo “O” is also on the buckle, which is made from Moonshine 18K Gold.

This brand is worth the investment, regardless of whether it’s Omega’s most stunning professional moonwatch or Omega’s old Omega Seamaster Aqua.

After showing Omega’s most stunning professional moon watch, I recommend the Limited Edition V Series Sports All Black Automatic Military Watches (RGA92S7-BBBB).


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