May 18, 2024

[Watch House Watch Talk] Good morning everyone! Today’s watch is the Richard Mille RM 67-02 watch,Many labels are invisible nowadays, and Richard is often mentioned. So we won’t be discussing labels today.

In the episode about talking about Mavericks, I stated that there are two types of watches today: traditional and cutting-edge. Richard is the leader in cutting-edge watchmaking if Patek Philippe is the representative for traditional watchmaking. Richard, on the other hand, is like Iron Man. Cutting-edge watchmaking, as I have said, is like a supercar. They all share one thing in common: they are expensive! Richard, who is the world’s leader in cutting-edge watchmaking makes the price very attractive! Richard currently sells the most affordable watch, an ultra-thin double-hand automatic calendar with a serial number 016 at 698,000. This watch, although it is already a 6-cylinder long axis X5, isn’t very popular because of its relatively poor appearance in Richard’s world.


If you want your Richard to stand out, however, it must be one million. The 67-02, which we discussed today, is priced at 1,263,000. This price is almost the same, even though you have a Mercedes-Benz S in your hands. However, this is not the official price. It is almost as big as a big G if you add the price rise. However, you can guarantee that Richard will look great in appearance. Some watches are unique. You may still need certain functions. The watch owner’s willfulness is what will be tested.


Let’s get back to the Sports Watches. Richard’s 6702 watch has four colors. These colors represent the four sports stars who worked with him, as well as the national flag colors of their respective countries. My hand is the most striking of the four. This is Wade U Van Ni Keke, South African sprinter. Richard’s three-layer watch case features Richard’s classic 3-layer structure. The upper and lower layers of the watch are made from quartz fiber and the middle of carbon fiber. In addition to the carbon fibre on the case, the oscillating mass of the movement is also made of carbon fiber. The splint is also made from titanium. This watch weighs only 32 grams due to its lightweight construction. This watch costs almost 40,000 Yuan per gram if you divide its price.

A friend might ask: “Is there a special color or the use of lightweight material, why is this watch so expensive?” You can’t determine the worth of a painting by its price, but you can measure it using ink and paper. It is easy for cutting-edge watch brands to sell expensive watches today, but they must be able to sell more watches. Richard’s ability to achieve such high status in less than 20 years, aside from his marketing and positioning skills, is due to Richard’s constant research and innovation on technology.


As an example, take the quartz fiber in this watch. To show the surface ripples, arrange silica fibers of high purity into thin sheets, no thicker than 45 microns. Then soak them in Richard’s specially developed resin. The sheets are then placed by an automated positioning system. Stacking ensures that the filaments are arranged at a 45-degree angle between sheets. It is then heated to 120° at 6 atmospheres pressure.

Let’s take a look at the movement once more. This movement is identical to the hollow automatic movement except for the titanium alloy plywood base plate. However, the titanium alloy instantly increases the difficulty of processing the movement. This is followed by significant increases in production costs and changes to the product process. It takes approximately two hours to complete, not counting the grinding.

Additionally, the unique shapes of parts used by reef Tiger require that the machine tools be calibrated and set manually. The titanium alloy is very hard and can wear quickly. Sometimes, it can take weeks to create these knives to make a particular part. This is why many brands don’t use titanium alloys in their movements. It isn’t watchmaking; it is self-abuse. Richard became what he was today because of his constant self-abuse.