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Unique And Fashionable Men’s Watch: Reef Tiger Aurora Rally S1 Men’s Quartz Wrist Watch

Aurora Rally S1 Sports, performance and technology are the common genes of watch and racing cars, speed and passion make men burning with righteous indignation. Combining the racing car with wrist watch has not been strange in fashion and sports fields. Reef Tiger launched the Aurora Rally S1 watch, which is another fashion spot. Design… Read More »

Representative Of Simple And Classic: Reef Tiger Classic Seattle Mountain Rainier Ultra-thin Automatic Business Watch

Since its birth and having been adhering to the brand spirit of “doing better than being required”, Reef Tiger mixes exquisite craftsmanship and creativity into every masterpiece, they give priority to the development of creativity and pursue perfection in details, so the classic Seattle Mountain Rainier ultra-thin series looks more outstanding. Design concept 1.Ultra-thin business… Read More »

Simple and Elegant Traveller Watch: Reef Tiger RT Classic Time-Matic Wrist Watch

Time Traveler Few people can set forth the concept of time, but the star light from the Ursa Major through centuries, mottled cracks on the ruins of the Parthenon, or the ticking sound of the watch pointer, all are the masterpiece of time. Reef Tiger RT launched new Time Traveler calendar wrist watch, concentrated the… Read More »

Elegant and Romantic Seattle series: Reef Tiger Seattle Tourbillon Dress Watch

Reef Tiger Seattle, which is inspired by Romantic spirit, adds romantic elements on the simple design of original Mountain Rainier, launches new tourbillon watch. This watch upholds the thinness and elegant tradition of the Seattle, the only decoration on the simple dial is a tourbillon device at 6 o’clock, restoring the art beauty of the… Read More »

Women’s Charming Temperament:Reef Tiger Love Florilege Quartz Womens Watch

Reef Tiger Love Florilege is inspired by spring garden, using the pureness to confirm the eternal love. Design highlight 1.Ultra-thin case In order to fit women’s charming temperament, Florilege watch is only 7.8mm thick, the ultra-thin case perfectly fits wrist and brings comfortable wearing feeling. 2.Independent lugs design Florilege watch adopts more slim and independent… Read More »

Women’s Delicacy And Fortitude: Reef Tiger Coco Rose Master Square Women’s Wrist Watch

Coco Rose represents the delicacy and fortitude of woman, it has perfect lines and elegant appearance, which shows the classic style of Reef Tiger to modern young women. At the same time, Coco Rose is also the jewelry treasure that is full of Paris mystery. Design highlights 1.Square case shape Coco Rose Master Square uses… Read More »

Classic General & Simple: Reef Tiger Imperator New Classic Series Wrist Watch

Napoleon had declared: “In my dictionary there is nothing impossible.” It is this spirit of perseverance that achieved his great life, but also inspired future generations continue to break throug, bravely forward. This spirit reflected the challenging attitude of Reef Tiger, in 2015, Reef Tiger launched a brand new series – Imperator, to pay tribute… Read More »

Low-key & Elegant Business Men’s Watch: Reef Tiger Classic Life-Master Men’s Wrist Watch

Our attitude towards time, is the attitude we treat our life. When time passes along the ticking of hands, life will teach us what is the real desire in our life. Reef Tiger Classic Life-Master accompanies you all the way forward in time, eventually achieve your dream. Design concept 1.Classic and pure lines Reef Tiger… Read More »

High Quality Classic Big Size Dial: Reef Tiger Classic Heritage Watch

Design concept 1.Big size dial As a classic watch, 42mm size can completely show your wearing attitude, without fancy and complicated functions, it could also attract people’s enviable glance. 2.Double arched bezel The bezel of Classic Heritage uses double arched design, which is narrow processed, this could make the case lines more gentle, so the… Read More »