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Sinn EZM 7 S Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

There are few Baselworld meetings I look forward to more than meeting with Sinn, as this small German brand offers of one of the most solid line of sports watches in the entire industry. In support of that line, Sinn has released a new limited edition version of their EZM 7. The new Sinn EZM 7… Read More »

Baselworld 2015: The New Sinn Watches

Posted by Michael Stockton on Mar 24, 2015 When visiting Baselworld, one can’t help but be impressed by the size of the displays in Hall 1. This is the home of the big brands: Rolex, the Swatch Group, Patek and on and on. Once you’ve had your share of the bright lights, though, it’s important… Read More »

Sinn EZM 9 TESTAF Watch Hands-On

When you need a serious watch for a serious job, few brands out-pace Sinn for hard-wearing watches that can keep up with even the most demanding of conditions. Announced at Baselworld last year, this is the Sinn EZM 9, a TESTAF certified pilots watch that is the ultimate expression of Sinn’s three hand models. Designed… Read More »

Sinn EZM 9 TESTAF – Hands-On Review

Posted by Gerard Nijenbrinks on Oct 05, 2014 The German manufacturer Sinn has a long history when it comes to mission timers. Seventeen years ago, in 1997 the now legendary and sought after EZM 1 (EZM is Sinn’s trademark and acronym for “Einsatz Zeit Messer”) was the first in a successful line. Mission timers are… Read More »

Sinn 103 Ti DIAPAL Review

4Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on Aug 31, 2011Tags: Chronograph, Sinn Although we had an in-depth review of tegimented Sinn watches here last month, written by Ming Thein, we also covered the most technology-packed Sinn 103 for Watchuseek. This 103 in titanium features all the Sinn technologies that solve real problems. No tourbillon, minute repeater, dead… Read More »

1961 – 2011: 50 Years of Sinn

5Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on Apr 25, 2011Tags: Frankfurt, Sinn For Watchuseek, I just finished this article on 50 years of Sinn Spezialuhren. A German brand with a focus on functionality and technology, celebrating their 50th anniversary this year with a special pilot’s chronograph Model 358. Personally, I have a weak spot for Sinn watches.… Read More »