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Blancpain is quite famous for horological innovations particularly to the tourbillon complication; a component that offsets the gravitational pull a watch’s motion but their latest move is winning by yanking in the heart strings of not only see collectors, however oceanographers and professional divers. So catch a loupe! Let us get up close and personal… Read More »

On Her Wrist: the Women’s Corniche Heritage 36

The Heritage 36 is Corniche’s Smaller, Just-as-Beautiful Heritage The Heritage 36 is a relatively recent addition to Corniche’s line-up, too. Like the larger version, the Heritage 36 is available in several color styles; we have a rose gold, ivory, and blue-accented model here. It’s an excellent timepiece on its own, or as a companion to the… Read More »

Willis Judd Carbon Fiber Watches

I Love Carbon Fiber, & I Think Willis Judd Knew That About Me First, I want to acknowledge a reader for connecting Willis Judd and I. That was very cool, Mike, and I appreciate you sharing WYCA  with the world. Willis Judd has packed their inaugural creation with a lot of value: a Swiss-made Ronda 763… Read More »

Jean Bellecour Faubourg Collection

Brought To You By Jean Bellecour   Jean Bellecour contacted me about shooting the Faubourg, a new collection of vintage-inspired ladies quartz watches. I’m not one to pass up on the opportunity to spend some time with my camera, so I accepted their offer. I received the Faubourg on September 20th, where I then asked… Read More »

The Eone Bradley

   The Eone Bradley was originally purposed as a tactile watch for blind people. David Zacher and his Rhode Island School of Design colleagues conceptualized the idea to create a design-forward watch for the blind; netting the students a nomination for Design Museum of London’s 2014 Design of the Year. Since that time, Zacher, his… Read More »

The Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition

The Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition first made its debut on the wrist of Daniel Craig in the James Bond blockbuster Spectre. Since that time, the scene stealer has continued to shine under the footlights and the spotlight of watch aficionados. Omega’s Seamaster 300 is a beautifully rendered timepiece in sapphire crystal and boosted by anti-magnetic… Read More »

The “Ridge” – Wooden Watches by

Exploring the great outdoors sans technology is the perfect way to make sure your summer is one full of relaxation, adventure, and possibility. The best way to ruin a hike as you’re trekking down a trail, up a mountain, or through a forest, as you feel the sun on your back and rocks beneath your… Read More »