March 22, 2023


The Eone Bradley was originally purposed as a tactile watch for blind people. David Zacher and his Rhode Island School of Design colleagues conceptualized the idea to create a design-forward watch for the blind; netting the students a nomination for Design Museum of London’s 2014 Design of the Year. Since that time, Zacher, his colleagues, and EONE launched a larger scale production of the watch and a host of other head-turning products.


This is a tactile timepiece in every sense of the word: A blind person touches the ball bearings that rotate around the grooves of a track to indicate the minute and hour, enabling the user to “see” the time. The minute and hour are run by magnets. And a traditional crown adjusts the time just like any other watch. 

The Eone Bradley Voyager. Photo courtesy of Eone.


The “gentleman’s watch” is big on “discretion” with its minimalist nuances. Incarnations include stainless steel with mesh, graphite, gold, leather bracelets and canvas bands.


Since the launch of the Bradley, Eone has grown legs; yielding the Voyager and a number of other seductive additions to its lookbook. The Bradley retails for  $309  and the Voyager retails for $325 on Amazon.