June 16, 2024

25Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

“All about the benjamins” Is that so? Since a few years, there are a lot of watchbrands on the market who produce watches with designs of (in this example) Rolex. Especially the Rolex Submariner. Now, we all know it is not done to own/buy/obtain copies of watches. It doesn’t mind if it is a 10 USD fake bought in Canal Street NYC or a 150 USD copy bought on the internet. However, it seems to be legit and accepted to buy a MarcelloC Tridente or Nettuno which start in price around 400 Euro to 695 euro. This way you have something that looks like a Rolex Submariner for a fraction of the price of one. The same goes for Invicta, which are a bit cheaper I think.

However, the thing is (there are even guys that try to deny that it looks like a Submariner and just say they almost no design is original or unique), people tend to say something like this “Hey, how do you like my new MarcelloC watch. It looks like a Rolex Sub, but at the fraction of the price and just as good” or maybe even more subtile, “Hey, how do you like my new MarcelloC watch, Rolex Submariner design for just a few hundred Euros”. Can you conclude that it is really “all about the benjamins”? That, if they had the money, would buy a Rolex Submariner over a MarcelloC or Invicta? To each his own, but I would rather spend my money on something unique or ‘original’. MarcelloC and Invicta both have some original and ‘unique’ models as well btw. This rant is not meant to bash these brands, but a way to determine if it is really about the money or if people really really like their MarcelloC/Invicta for its looks, quality and price…

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