June 15, 2024

1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Vintage watches are hot! For the masses that is, watchcollectors knew this for a long time already ofcourse. The day before yesterday, I got a notification that WatchUseek opened a Bulova forum. I remembered that I had written a review on a Bulova Accutron SpaceView some years ago, and asked myself why I sold it. Besides the fact that these watches are quite vulnerable and hard to repair, the movement that is. In fact, I sold most vintage watches, even a very nice Omega Seamaster Automatic Calendar and an Omega Constellation pie-pan in very very good shape with the diamondshaped hourmarkers. Am I part of the new school who just gets bored with vintage watches? No! I really love those watches, especially the ones I mentioned a few sentences back. They have marvelous shaped cases, great dials and even greater movements. However, besides that they are vulnerable and hard to repair, I don’t have a bonding with them. I was born in the mid-late 70s, and raised with Casios and digital Seikos. I always like my granddad’s Constellation, my father’s Constellation and so on, but I never lived the 60s ofcourse. So I can appreciate their beauty, cherish them.. but I never will get the same feeling about them what other collectors who really experienced the ‘mechanical-watch’-era (pre-1970/1980s) do have.