July 22, 2024

0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

IW asks for reader feedback via the forum of WatchUSeek. I don’t think very high of this magazine, and prefer German watch magazines for their in-depth articles and knowledge. However, maybe a poll like this changes it all and will make the magazine better than before. At least they should get rid off the articles on watches of brands that advertize on the same page Here in The Netherlands we have a magazine called ‘Watching’ which suffered from the same problems as IW does, but got some serious WIS-injection. So there is hope!

Update! It was not meant to trash the magazine, but to give some usefull pointers. In my eyes the editors of the magazine should be able to bend all critisism from negative to positive (for their magazine) anyway. However, John Holbrook, one of the contributors to the magazine posted a new poll here, and this time clearly explains how it should be done…