June 16, 2024

9Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

..if I can still find one that is, they are sold out as it seems. The Sinn142 in steel is one of my favorite Lemania5100 driven chronographs. A pure toolwatch, which is neat to time a pizza in the oven or to check how long it takes to boot a Windows 2000 Server at my work….all kinds of useless stuff that is

I definately need the German version, because I think it is much cooler than to read an English dial on a German watch. Although these watches were never that expensive while they were available, I never seemed to even think about getting one. Now that they are gone, I need one :-) Odd.

Anyway, which Lemania 5100 watch are you going to buy?

From the Sinn142 http://sinn142.nav.to/ site

For the Dutch readers, go here for the official Dutch Sinn site!