July 19, 2024

BRM Manufacture, if you want something special! 1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

If you really want something special on your wrist, you should surf to the BRM website.

BRM (not to confuse with the famous cartuning company) has the most modern machinery to produce their watches. This means a low productionnumber, but almost everything is made inhouse. Even inhouse movements are planned. They now use ETA movements, but mainly because BRM used to produce small parts for ETA. BRM, for example, makes their own ‘screws’.

Another great example of originality is their fabrication of the watchcase itself. It isn’t made out of one piece of stainless steel, but built up from multiple parts and layers so there are no ‘forces’ that need to be used to get a case in the right shape (remember the one piece of steel commercial/advert by Rolex?).

Pricewise, starting around 1400 Euro, this is very interesting for beginner collectors and ofcourse for advanced collectors who can appreciate the used productiontechniques.

I hope I got everything straight, since their website is in French. Dutch watchmagazine 00/24 has an interesting article in it about this brand, so for the Dutch: Go out and get it!