April 24, 2024

3Posted by Gerard Nijenbrinks on

Why is it that some watches are just beloved by advanced watch collectors, and most other people mainly just hate them?
It’s not just their price tag. There might be enough starting collectors who have enough financial possibilities to buy them.
It’s not the complexity of the movement or functions; a lot of these watches are quite simple in their functions and possibilities.
It’s not the value of the (casing) material which has been used; stainless steel is good enough and often preferred.
So what is it then? Which watches am I talking about anyhow?

For instance the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the Patek Philippe Nautilus or the Vacheron Constantin Overseas (former 222 & 333).

So, are it the double names which all of these mentioned manufacturers bear? I don’t think so; there are similar models to mention from manufacturers like IWC as well. Anyhow, without exeption these are historic brands which have earned their stripes and use their experience and knowledge in these models.

Without exception the mentioned watches are technically and constuction-wise very advanced. Interesting movements which are metaculously finsihed, and casings and bracelets having an advanced construction and ditto finish as well.

These are watches which you don’t like at first glance; you have to grow into them. Your watch knowledge has to climb to a certain level before you’re able to see and evaluate the beauty and quality of this kind of watches.

What do you think, am I just telling stories – you just like a watch or you just don’t like it – or might it be possible that you might like a watch later, which in the beginning you didn’t like at all. Most watch models don’t ever get the time for that anyhow, they are promoted away due to the next fashion wave or colour.

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