June 15, 2024

1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

….just got worser. I am talking about international (wrist)Watch magazine here. What a bunch of losers! The magazine is full of crap anyway, and the sponsoring/review-ratio says it all.

Anyway, a WatchUseek regular posted this in the Central Forum:

“I have had problems all year with receiving my iW magazine subscription in a timely manner. I have had to contact the editors about 10 times this year to get “replacement” copies sent and I have only received one or two issues in the past year or so in the month of issue. My most recent inquiry was about the November issue, which I still have not received.

I wanted to share iW’s response to my most recent inquiry. If this isn’t customer service, I don’t know what is.
Dear Mr. Hohne,

Your replacement copy was sent. I have been authorized to refund your full subscription for the past year. Although we know that you do not wish to renew next year please understand that we will not allow you to renew either. Feel free to say whatever you like on various forums just stop emailing me.

Ray Folgo
Customer Service Manager
iW | Stylus | & Shuz Magazines
203.259.8100 x 208

How cool is that? The worst watchmagazine around doesn’t want Chris Hohne to read it anymore. Man, this stuff could be from a Seinfeld episode if you ask me.

Anyway, my idea is to give Mr. Ray Folgo a bit more stress, and you can do this by clicking here.