July 22, 2024

2Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

My longtime watchfriend from Indonesia, Kucimo, wrote me an e-mail. I liked his opinion, so I asked him if it was allright to post it on my blog. So here it is:

” RJ,

I’ve just visited your website and read the comments on (my) Grand Seiko
you posted on it. And I must say that I would have also said the same
thing if I were exposed to a Grand Seiko about 3 years ago.

However I was brainwashed in Nov 2002 when I found out a “dead” Seiko
watch (drawn in the flood and abandoned in rust for 3 years) survived
after being TLC. And it did change my perception about this “Japanese”

More exploration on Seiko made me realize its presence as “good value for
money” watches (it’s still arguable :-)). They are just like vintage Omega
Constellation : nice, tough, accurate yet still affordable price

I believe that those gentlemen posted their comments on your GS article
have never held a GS in person. Because once they put a GS (even the plain
one, like mine) on their wrist, they will realize how wonderful the finish
of the GS is. In my opinion, the GS steel finish & design (the attention
to details) can match those on Zenith and JLC.

I heard that Seiko will launch Grand Seiko in Northern America and Europe
in 2005; and believe me, GS will gain more fanatic fans in less than 4
years after launch.”