April 22, 2024

4Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

During the years I have tried a few watchwinders, but never got too enthusiastic. I don’t have the money for a watchwinder that costs as much as a new Omega Seamaster Professional and most of the time the less expensive ones look great, but lack functionality or are too noisy. Or just don’t wind my watches at all. And we aren’t exactly talking about very cheap models here either. Ofcourse, if I hadthe money I would be buying the Orbita Monaco winder in teakwood with hand-stitched Italian leather for 3000 USD, but like I wrote before, that’s not the current situation I am in

Orbita picture

However, Ernie Romers of WatchUseek asked me to review a watchwinder. I agreed and not much later I got this odd looking winder delivered by our local Postman Pat. The casing is made out of hard plastic and looks a bit like the MTE winders. On top of the winder is a transparant cover you can remove to place a watch on a pillow. The winder does the job clockwise or counter clockwise, both directions have a seperate switch. It is suitable for only one watch and the noise it produces is very acceptable, I have mine in my livingroom on a bookshelf and even I don’t get annoyed with it.

Why telling you all this? Well, Ernie Romers is going to sell these little machines for such a nice price it gets even interesting to buy one for winding your lowpriced Seiko 5 automatic wristwatch. I am writing and adding the last pieces of information to my review (which also will give a pricequote) and if it is finished I will keep you guys posted so you can all place your order at WatchUSeek!