April 22, 2024

An email 1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

This morning I received an email from Johan, who is still watchless, but is sure that this might change some day.

Anyway, he mailed me that he had seen a post on the forum of Tweakers.net, a Dutch site for computer techies, about a guy who had a question about wristwatches. The posting is freely translated from Dutch to English:

“I have a new watch, not a digital Casio for a change, but one with hands. Chronograph (Danish Design). Superb looks but here is what I don’t understand:

If I want to change the day of the month (it is now ’23’), it flips till it says ’31’. I can’t set a month. How does the watch know that it has to go to ’30’ or ’31’? This month (may) it can be flipped till the 31st, but next month (june) has only 30 days. Does this thing still flips till the 31st?”

According to the profile of this poster, he was born in 1981. So that shouldn’t be it. What is?