May 18, 2024

Essay on Seiko's Spring Drive timepieces 4Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Since there are quite some Seiko addicts on line, this essay byJack Freedman might be interesting for them/you.

I do not belong in that category, but Seiko makes interesting watches which are worth considering or to at least give it some thoughts. This article on the works of the Kinetic and ‘Sping Drive Kinetic’ might get you interested in Seiko watches… just to name a few advantages over typical automatic winding watch movements (from the article):

– The Seiko Spring Drive offers 72 hours of power reserve, whereas most watches offer about 40 hours.
– Seiko Spring Drive winds 30% faster than a conventional movement.
– Spring Drive movements are accurate to about 1 second per day.
– No more jerky “ticking” motion – the second hand flows smoothly around the dial.

Photo by Jack Freedman

Note! Jack Freedman pointed out to me that he posted some additional information to this article here. It contains additional information by Seiko.