April 22, 2024

3Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

I thought it might be interesting to post the watch brands that were entered at search engines and lead to this website. FratelloWatches is here for almost a year now, so a lot of brands have been mentioned here. Ofcourse it is not very objective, but it gives an idea about (current) populair brands.

The statistics are not only fed by Google by the way and the keywords entered which does not contain a brand name, are left out.

1. Omega
2. Rolex
3. Panerai
4. Sinn
5. IWC
6. Patek Philippe
7. Breitling
8. Louis Bolle (sad but true)
9. Van Der Gang
10. Seiko
11. Parmigiani
12. (Tag) Heuer
13. Tissot
14. Ole Mathiesen
15. Cartier
16. MarcelloC
17. Vacheron & Constantin
18. Uboat (another case of the comment at nr.8)
19. BRM
20. Paul Picot

The list can go on.. but 20 should be enough. For the record, Omega was entered at the searchengines over three times as much as Rolex. Speedmaster and Seamaster are on par. Sinn and IWC are very close, which shows that it is a bit objective, since IWC is not mentioned very much here on Fratellowatches (mainly because I dislike the brand). One could also conclude that IWC is a very much entered keyword at searchengines. So much, that people even find Fratellowatches the place to click between all those hits (756.000 at Google). Submariner is higher in ranking than Daytona. The EZM1 seems to be more populair than the 142.

Currently I get about 350-400 hits a day and climbing.. I wonder if the list still looks the same in June 2006.