July 22, 2024

A new dial 5Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Since a few years, I have this vintage Rolex Date-Just from 1969, a ref.1601. Actually, it is a ref.1603 but I changed from the stainless steel engine turned bezel to a white gold bezel, which makes it a ref.1601 :-). I bought the (original Rolex) 18kt white gold bezel from a guy from Beverly Hills who had a lot of customers for his custom made diamond studded bezels for all kind of Rolexes. That way, he ended up with a lot of original steel and gold bezels which he sold (and maybe he still does) for very reasonable prices. Anyway, last week I wore my Date-Just again and wondered if I would be able to switch dials as well. Just for fun. So I went to the eBay auction site and found this dial:

I guess I will bid on it and just pray it is original :-)