May 20, 2024

Italian timing 3Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

As I was driving to my work yesterday morning, I looked at the clock in the dashboard of my car to see how late it was. As I couldn’t imagine time went that quickly, I also checked time on my watch (Sea-Dweller). A 4 minute deviation. I first thought that my watch would be wrong, since I synced the clock of my car just a few weeks ago with my PDA (which is always on time). So last evening, I thought about it again (forgot about it all day yesterday) and wanted to set my watch on time with the clock at Only a few seconds deviation, not even worth to pull out the crown. This morning I looked again at the clock of my car, still a 4 minute deviation… My guess is, that the clocks used in these Alfa Romeo cars are just as reliable as the rest of the equipment in there. Luckily, Panerai does a better job, but I guess maybe that has something to do with the outsourcing to Switzerland for their movements.

p.s. My PDA is also showing the correct time as we speak.