July 19, 2024

From my inbox 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

I just received this email:

I take the liberty to ask you an advice on what I should prefer as my next buy : a Gemini 40th anniversary Special edition (my AD received one and reserved it for me) or a standard black Speedy Pro.
The watch I’ll choose will be my only Speedmaster (or so I think today …)
My other watches are : Rolex SS black Daytona, Breitling black Navitimer, Panerai Luminor 104, Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 silver, Breitling Superocean blue, etc.
Thanking you in advance,
Best regards,
xxxx xxxxxxx

And my answer was:

“Hello Christian,

Problem with Speedmaster limited editions is, is that they [Omega] bring out limited editions for every astronaut’s fart They will probably even bring out a limited edition Speedmaster because of some limited edition. So I would go for a standard Speedy Pro (like I did), or if you really like the limited edition’s looks, go for one, but I would certainly not buy one just because it is limited.

Great collection by the way. ”

You probably all know the classic ‘Moonwatch’, below you’ll see the 40th anniversary edition:

And here you’ll find a nice article on the watch