April 22, 2024

Rolex Forum 0Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

After moderating (and later on co-moderating) the Omega Forum at WatchUseek for years, I decided to jump in to moderate the Rolex Forum as well. The Omega Forum was a piece of cake, most of the time I just participated in threads and did some digging up for people. After Jean-Michel and Jon joined me to moderate the forum, I did a step back and just watch all threads and posters and post once in a while. While on the Rolex Forum, it seems that I am more busy with keeping it under control and friendly, then being involved on the true content of messages. Discussions are heated within a few lines in a thread and namecalling and brand bashing is often the result. Closing the thread or even deleting it (when it gets really bad) is the solution most of the time.

Rolex is a brand that gives a lot of conversation amongst collectors. Is it worth the money? How do they compare to Omega, IWC or Patek (yep, I have seen this comparison, I really did)? And the friendlyness-killer of them all, “Is this a fake?”. Ofcourse it is, because you paid only 300 USD for it on eBay. Then, besides all the pain of this question, there seem to be people who defend fakes like that (on a Rolex Forum!!!) by saying it is a nice watch with an ETA movement, and for only 300 USD.

I have to admit, it is very attractive to start writing down some words like ‘moron’ or ‘idiot’, but practice what you preach.. keep it friendly.

This evening I flipped open my laptop and checked the Rolex Forum to see if everything was still under control. My girlfriend asked me what I was doing and I told her I was monitoring the Rolex Forum a bit more these days because some guys almost kill eachother over fake watches. Her answer was “That’s a way of spending your time” (not my time, to clarify.. well.. in the end it is too ofcourse). I guess she is right. Forums on watches (or pens, or cars) shouldn’t be the place for fighting and bullying. Ofcourse, softwaredevelopers should come up with a plug in or tool to automatically ban users with questions on fakes…

Good thing on the Rolex Forum this week was the load of very impressive photos on Rolex watches. Good wallpaper material!