April 22, 2024

What is Zenith's strategy exactly? 3Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Since their introduction of the ‘Open’ models, at least this seems to be the case, Zenith is adopting a new image of some kind. I loved their Zenith El Primero Rainbow model. Functional watch, cool colors and great movement. A no-nonsense watch. Same thing with their Elite models. I still love the Reserve de Marche model.

However, this new image ruins it all. It is not the great chronograph fast-ticker pioneer it once was (to me). The brand is losing credibility because of their new style of image. They seem to sponsor and walk on these Milionair Fairs and other celeb parties & cocktails. Their watches are getting ridicilous with all those ‘open’ works and diamonds everywhere. Is Dubai the only country of their interest? Or are they using the bling-bling hype?

Even worse is their advertisement campaign. Who can identify himself with this Zenith advert for example? I can’t. It is ridicilous.

Zenith sold its soul. As many other brands ofcourse, but Zenith had a good thing going on.