May 20, 2024

Double Red Sea-Dweller 12Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Yesterday evening, I received an email from Daniel of the, a specialist in selling Rolexes (vintage & new). Since I am on the look-out for a 1977 (my year of birth) Submariner ref.1680, I found this site to be quite interesting. In the links section, I found a website called ‘’. This site also sounded very interesting, since I only knew about formerly known as This site has been renamed after a dispute between Rolex claiming the name ‘Submariner’ and the owner of the website.

Anyway, the website describes the Double Red Sea-Dweller (here) and has a lot of information about COMEX models as well. For those who don’t know, COMEX has a team of professional divers which are (or were?) supplied with Rolex Submariners and (later on) Sea-Dwellers. These watches have the name ‘COMEX’ printed on the dial and engraved in the caseback. The prices of these Double Red Sea-Dwellers can go up to 17.000 Euro (and probably more).

Maybe I was a bit behind on catching up with all these websites, but for those who didn’t know about them as well, go ahead and click!

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