July 22, 2024

Best Watch according to Wallpaper* 2Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

The best watch according to the Wallpaper* magazine is a Rolex Prince.

“Launched in 1928, the ‘Prince’ was the watch that established Rolex as a timepiece titan. Revolutionary in design and engineering, its elegant rectangular shape allowed space for more reliable movement and separate dials for seconds and hours/minutes (these were known as doctor’s watches because of their accurate pulse-taking). Rolex has updated the classic design of the original with a new rectangular movement, visible through a transparent caseback (a first for Rolex). It also features a stunning guilloche decoration on the dial, which is repeated on the movement. This is a ticker that certainly gets our pulses racing.”

Well, I have to see them yet in stores.. but maybe you can order them already. Prices for a 18kt rose gold model is a mere 6,740 UKP.