April 22, 2024

Stolen Watch Found 1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Matias wrote the following in a small message at Paneristi.com :

“I have enjoyed this site for some time now( maybe two years now)but have never posted anything. Approximately 6 months ago my PAM 118 was stolen from my home and I thought I would never see it again.( a police report filed,etc.) My wife,who had bought it for me,searched E-bay relentlessly. One night she yelled for me to come to the computer.There it was!To make a long story short the police recovered the watch and it is on my wrist at this very moment. Friends and family were relieved but I felt the need to share this with my fellow Paneristi with those whom can truly understand ( this is not just any watch).”

An unbelievable story, especially the part of discovering the watch on Ebay. If your watch is stolen, make sure to enter all numbers (serials, reference etc.) in the WatchSearcher database: http://www.watchsearcher.com