July 19, 2024

Browsing my harddisk 1Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Every time when I bought a new computer, all data of the former PC went into a seperate folder. This way I could start allover again, and just copied what I needed (again). However, I always left the old data in these special folders, since I am not a guy that fills over 100GB that easily anyway. I don’t care for games or downloading movies. So, plenty of room and no need to clean.

It is also fun to browse through those old files once in a while. Last weekend I noticed a folder which belonged to a few PC’s of mine back in time. It contains some watch pictures and one of them is this one:

If I am not mistaken, this picture was saved from the Rolex.com website a few years back. I remember that I mailed it to a friend telling her that I really needed this one :-). She wrote “Nice watch, especially the white-ish steel.”. Indeed, the stainless steel bracelet looks a bit white on this one. That was approximately 6 years ago. And as soon as this flashback came along, I realised that I finally had it :-) Took me 6 years. 6 years to discover I still ended-up with something I wished for back then. A vintage Rolex GMT-Master passed my collection earlier, but I realized that I didn’t care much for the plastic crystal and the rather ‘flat’ casing of the watch. This is it, the Rolex GMT-Master II. I am quite sure this is a keeper, I even made sure the papers got stamped on¬†the¬†date of my birthday.

My friend Rob also bought one last week. Blue/red bezel, A-model, complete with box and papers. Good job!