April 12, 2024

For laughs… 3Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with an Omega Seamaster Professional. On the contrary. However, introducing yet another(!) 007-Limited edition Seamaster Pro really provokes making the good old ‘Omega Limited Edition’-jokes. Seriously, 10.007 watches. It looks like Omega found another victim for their Limited Edition-jokes. Honoring a Limited Edition Speedmaster Professional with another Speedmaster Professional or even better… Honoring the 2 Limited Edition Seamaster Pro 007 series with another Seamaster Pro 007 Limited Edition.

Ok, all jokes aside now. This watch features the co-axial movement (Omega caliber 2500) and besides all Limited Edition crap on the dial and caseback, the case and bracelet are identical to those of the good old ref.2531.80 Seamaster Professional. The model you should actually buy and cherish. Nuff said :-) 

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