July 22, 2024

Some Rolex ref.1655 history 11Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

The German watch portal watchlounche.com has a number of brand forums (i.e. IWC, AP, Panerai, Omega, Sinn, Rolex and more).¬†One thread in the Rolex forum caught my eye. A forum visitor by the name of ‘Prof. Rolex’ describes the history of the Explorer II ref.1655 from 1971 till 1984. It is in German ofcourse, but you might be able to translate the text with the help of babelfish! Click here to read the original post.

I guess you really have to save up for these vintage beauties! Have seen several of them with a price tag of 12500 Euro and more…

Btw, the ref.1655 Explorer II is also refered to as the Steve McQueen Rolex :-)