April 22, 2024

Steiner Limited 4Posted by Robert-Jan Broer on

Steiner introduced their new Limited Edition watch?Ǭ†last week. Their?Ǭ†new line of watches are chronometer certified.?Ǭ†The chronometer testing (and approval) took place at the Wempe lab in Glash?ɬºtte / Germany. The watches have been tested during 15 days according to the DIN 8319 chronometer guide lines. The movements have been tested while being in the?Ǭ† case of the watch. This is a bit different than the chronometer testing and approval procedure in Switzerland, where they test the movement without being installed in the case of the watch. More information about the chronometer approval procedure can be found at?Ǭ†http://www.chronometerwerke-glashuette.de

More information about the new Steiner Limited watches can be found at the SteinerLimited website.